Terms of Service: Ordering, Shipping and Return Policy

Customer Service:

If you have experienced a problem,  please email us here and we would  love to cheerfully help you resolve the issue as soon as possible! We ask that you please ask nicely. We want to maintain a friendly environment here, so if the first request we receive is very hostile, it is our policy to simply issue a refund.


Order Policy

If you are ordering ONLY soaps those will ship right away if they are cured.

We are starting off as a co-op. That means everyone orders the 1st week of the month, I purchase the product and then ship it out to you the last week of the month (hopefully, if everything goes well). Please be PATIENT and KIND while I am starting my new soap making supply store. I am sure there will be hiccups while we figure out the best and most efficient methods for this new venture.

If there's an error or problem, please email us and let us know. Please include your and NAME, EMAIL and ORDER NUMBER if you have it.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shipping Calculator is having a few problems calculating shipping prices correctly. We will give a refund on the overages if there are overages on your order. If you didn't pay enough shipping it's on us!

  • We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments. We only accept orders online at this time. 
  • PLEASE MAKE 100% SURE that your Email AND Ship To addresses are correct.  You will receive an email confirmation when your order is shipped and we ONLY ship to the address on your order so PLEASE make sure it is correct. IF YOU GIVE US THE WRONG ADDRESS: there is a $20 change of address fee that will be added to your order before processing.  If that package was shipped to the wrong address you will be responsible for the cost of reshipping your items and will not get a refund on the original shipping cost. 
  • If you use Paypal to pay, please make sure your Paypal mailing address is correct, as Paypal will submit your address on file as your shipping address.
  • We CAN NOT add to orders once they are made.  For security reasons we do not keep payment information, and cannot add to an order once it has been placed. Please be sure you have everything you need in your cart before placing your order. At this time due the volume of orders we receive we CAN NOT combine orders.
  • We are not responsible for delays in order processing due to declined credit cards.


If you have experienced a problem, we love to cheerfully help you resolve the issue as soon as possible! We ask that you please ask nicely. We want to maintain a friendly environment here, so if the first request we receive is very hostile, it is our policy to simply issue a refund.

Also MAKE SURE that you have our website whitelisted so it is not caught in your spam filter. If you haven't received an answer from us about your problem it is because our return email is either in your spam filter or it was deleted by your ISP thinking it was spam. So MAKE SURE you whitelist our email address. If you don't find a response to your question within 48 hours (Mon.-Fri.) please check your spam filter and if not found please ask nicely again.


Shipping Policy

We ship to every country in the world. There are certain restrictions in some countries and you are responsible for knowing if the product you order is allowed in your county. We are not responsible for packages seized at customs.

  • Payments of duties and taxes for international shipments are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • You may calculate shipping costs by adding the desired items to your cart and using the shipping calculator on the checkout page.
  • UPS will only ship to houses or businesses and WILL NOT ship to P.O. boxes. If you're only ordering micas, it sill ship through the post office, but if you're order includes other things, it will ship by UPS.
  • Please allow 3 weeks to process your order while we are in the co-op phase of our business.
  • We refund excess shipping charges. 


I didn't receive my package, but delivery confirmation says it has been delivered:

  • Please check with your family and neighbors. It is likely that a family member picked it up or the mail carrier delivered your package to the wrong address.
  • If you don't find it from family or neighbors: talk to the supervisor at your local post office if USPS was your chosen shipping method. They can check with your mail carrier and locate the GPS of where it was dropped off.
  • If you live in an apartment, check with the office or the person at the front desk. Sometimes deliveries will be made there.
  • If you still don't find your missing package, call USPS directly at 1 (800) 275-8777 or call UPS at 1-800-PICK UPS.

    Follow the prompts until you get to the prompt where you are asked for your tracking number. Don't say anything. After a few attempts of not giving the tracking number you will be transferred to customer service. If there is a long wait, you may leave a callback number and they will call you.
  • Stolen Package: please file a police report on the missing package.

Refunds and Returns

We do not allow returns of any kind at this time due the sanitary nature of our products. If you have received an item and it is damaged or the incorrect item please let us know so we can correct it.