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Hi! I'm Tawra and I just wanted to thank you for stopping by Homemade Soap Making Supplies!

My love for soap started when I visited Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri in 1990. I saw a lady making "old fashioned soap", using what I now know is the hot process method, in a huge kettle outside stirring for 3 hours!

I thought that was the coolest thing ever, but I didn't think any more about it until in 1992 I started working at a flower shop in Estes Park, Colorado and one of my jobs was hand stirring their handcrafted soap... for more than an hour for each batch! (This was before immersion blenders!)

I still loved making the soap! After that job, I wanted to make soap at home on my own but kids came along and then our state outlawed purchasing lye over the counter, so I decided to wait. 

In 2014, I found some soap making videos on Youtube and fell in love all over again! 

We lived in a different state by then so I decided to see if I might be able to buy lye (known as 100% lye drain cleaner) in my local hardware store and, sure enough, they had it!!! I was SOOO excited!

My first soap loaf quickly turned into hundreds of bars of soap as I just couldn't quit making it! 

I started my own How to Make Soap Youtube Channel  and it was well received, followed by another YouTube Channel, No Talking ASMR Soap. Then I wrote a How to Make Soap For Beginners E-Course and started How to Make Soap Facebook page.

My viewers and readers kept asking me for soap making supplies, so I decided to start selling them, too!

I hope you enjoy our soap making videos, e-course and supplies. Please let us know if we can help you in any way!


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Soap Shipper and Organizer Extraordinaire! Gina keeps me organized by wrapping and labeling the soaps. She also does the shipping and provides stellar customer service.



Troll Slayer and Keeper of Peace!  She helps me with my How to Make Soap Facebook page to keep it nice and friendly and helps with answers all your soap making questions.