About Us!

Hi! I'm Elly and I wanted to say thank you for stopping by Goat Milk Gifts!

My love for Goat Milk Cream started when my mom used to force me to use this cream. A typical conversation would go like this:

Mom: "Elly, you really should  use this cream. Your hands are cracked and dry and the goat milk cream would really help with that problem!

Elly: "UGH MOM fine I don't even care." *Storms out of room in a flash of teenage angst.*

Now as you can see I was not very enthused to be using such things at first. But, then I realized I needed to stop being such a ansty teen and just try it.

And HOLY COW did I see the results fast. The goat milk cream healed my hands faster than anything I had tried before. It was amazing because I finally had something that was repairing my hands and a product that smelled AMAZING. 

I have since taken over mom's store and am absolutely in love with the results this cream has had on my hands! It's a wonderfully repairing and soothing formula that saves my hands from the dry Colorado air. 

And what I learned from this is that sometimes you should listen to your parents even if you don't to. Perhaps this is old news to most of you. But now I know. 

Anyway that is why I am now selling it. Thank you for stopping by!

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